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OnlyFans is about to exceed 100,000,000 users. Despite this explosive growth, the information about this social network is hard to find, so we want to celebrate it by sharing the main statistics, data have never seen before. In this counter, we show the total number of registered accounts, updated every minute.

On December 20 at 4:50 p.m. (US time), it has reached 100M of registered accounts.


Registered accounts today data

OnlyFans insights

This is the phenomenon of the year. Much is speculated about how much this social network born in 2016 has grown in the last months, and in recent weeks it has been the platform that grows the most in both revenue and number of users. Its statistics are a mystery, and it’s no wonder since it’s possibly one of the most profitable businesses today.

OnlyFans has led to one of the biggest participant content production industry. The platform eliminates the middleman and allows people to monetize their audiences through paid subscriptions or pay-per-view content that they have created.

This is a platform that puts Content Creators, people who sell their photos, exercise routines, music, diets, in contact with their fans, who are the followers willing to pay a subscription to their profiles to have a closer and personal relationship with the Creator and consume the generated content.

The content is exclusive and only accessible to fans, and the platform keeps 20% of the revenue generated. It might seem that this is a high percentage, but let’s not forget that right now in the audiovisual industry, the artist often receives less than 30% of the money he has generated.

Therefore, its business model allows it to favor both Content Creators and users, who can have exclusive contact with their favorite influencers.

While making money with an Uber or a rented apartment on Airbnb is limited, income on OnlyFans is not. The apartment can only be rented for a maximum of 365 days a year, and the income from driving an Uber will be limited by the number of trips we make in one day. The content you have created once can be resold thousands of times.

This platform has aroused the interest of the media, and its exponential growth arises speculation about how much money people who have an account earn, how much money the company makes, how many new accounts are created per month, and a long etcetera. In Only Creators we have millions of data so we can make fairly precise statistical approximations, answering these questions.

Let's see the statistics updated in December 2020

The 10 creators with the most likes

These are the 10 accounts with more likes on their profile. They are the sum of the likes of photos, videos and posts.

Top 10 creators with the most photos on their OnlyFans Account

In this graph, we can see the statistics of the profiles with more photos. The difference between the first and second positions is substantial as can be seen.

Top 10 creators with the most videos on their OnlyFans Account

Below you can find the list of models that have uploaded more videos to the network. The first three positions are close to each other but leave the rest of the competitors well behind.

Top 10 creators with the most posts on their OnlyFans Account

Here we can see the accounts that have made more publications on their wall.

How many accounts are registered on OnlyFans?

The registration process for Content Creator accounts and regular users is the same. To be a Content Creator, you must perform validation of both the identity and the bank account.

As of December 16, 2020, there are a total of 98,749,510 registered accounts. They are distributed as follows:

Normal users: 97,231,699

Content Creator Accounts: 1,517,811

~ Stats: December 2020

The counter at the top of this page shows the total number of accounts, updated every minute. As you can see, in just a couple of days, the number has grown significantly, but the distribution of regular users and content creators stays almost constant.


Stats about the average subscription price on OnlyFans

The following graph shows the percentage of accounts that represent each price range. Free accounts have been omitted to avoid distortion in the data displayed.

The data shows that 82.4% of all the Content Creators have a price of $20 or lower and it goes up to 95% if we add all the accounts that charge a subscription price of $30 or lower.

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